If your rights have been violated

Law Company RENAISSANSE-CONSULTING LLC provides timely and qualified assistance to those who have a problem in any sphere of activity.

Physical persons – citizens of Ukraine, stateless persons and foreigners are offered legal consultations, explanations, extracts how it is better to act in this or that situation, to what public authority or local government body it is necessary to address and in what form.

Family disputes, land disputes, inheritance, contractual delinquencies, labour disputes are the most widespread and problematic spheres for each person.

We can help to solve such problems by means of consultations, preparation of necessary documents and requests and also to perform legal support of adjudgements in the courts of all levels (Trial Court, Court of Appeal, Court of Cassation).

Legal entities are offered a full range of services, namely registration of the enterprise, approval and support in signing contracts, amendments to the constituent documents, representation of interests in state and local government bodies, in the courts of all levels, legal support of tax audits, appeals against decisions of tax and other regulatory authorities, termination of activity.

Staff members of our company are from law enforcement agencies, tax authorities, they are qualified lawyers and attorneys, and therefore they clearly understand the client’s problem and solve it quickly and efficiently.

The basic principles of our activities are:

-            using best endeavours, under the current legislation, to achieve a positive result for the client;

-                openness and transparency of our actions to the client;

-        balance of work performed, services rendered and the price;

-           explanation to the client of real circumstances of the case, taking into account the norms of law, the timely prevention and response to possible problems;

-               an individual approach to each client.

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