The practical implementation of court decisions is one of the most important stages of the proceedings of each case. 

It is quite common when supposedly the trial ended favorably for you, and there is a satisfactory court judgment which meets your requirements, but in fact the judgment is not fulfilled. Why is this happening? There are several reasons. Firstly, it is not very effective work of the state enforcement service, which consists in a formal approach to a particular issue. Secondly, you can face a situation when all possible legal measures were taken by state enforcement service representatives, but the debtor avoids meeting requirements. To avoid such situations, we have accomplished the following:

- interaction with employees of the state enforcement service by sending queries and letters on providing information on the executory process;

- legal support of the whole process of enforcement proceedings (monitoring of compliance of the terms of enforcement proceedings, monitoring of actions committed by a bailiff in full implementation of the powers conferred upon him by the legislator to perform his functions);

- appealing act and (or) the omission of the state enforcement service employee to a higher authority and the court;

- influence on the debtor by sending corresponding letters to the supervisory and competent authorities.




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