Representation of interests of legal entities and physical persons in common-law, administrative, economic courts of all levels to tackle such issues:

- administrative disputes (in cases of administrative liability);

commercial disputes (arising from contractual obligations between entities)

- tax disputes (appeals against decisions taken by the tax authorities);

- civil disputes (issues concerning contractual delinquencies, namely: disregard of provisions such as purchase and sale contract, leasing agreement, loan agreement insurance contract, transportation contract, contract of debt etc.);

- labour disputes (the resolution of individual labour disputes, preparation of collective and labour contracts, legal support in courts of the disputes connected with the breach of fundamental principles of labour legislation);

- inheritance disputes (registration of the certificate of inheritance (including immovable property), preparation of the hereditary contract, legal support in courts);

- land disputes (the solution and legal support of the issues connected with the change of the intended function of land, registration of rights to land if one acquires a land plot);

- intellectual property rights (legal support to protect intellectual property right);

- criminal cases (legal support and representation of interests of the participant at stages of inquiry and pretrial investigation, protection of interests of the defendant and other participants of judicial proceeding);

- family disputes (divorce, settlement of the alimony, division of property etc.);

- housing disputes (the solution of disputes which arise from using rooms in houses of the state and public housing fund);

- customs disputes (on transportation of goods across borders, moving across customs border, appeal of decisions of customs authorities).

- Representation of legal entities and physical persons in public authorities, at the enterprises, establishments, organizations of all forms of ownership.




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